15 December 2014

Take the DIY route when moving house

If you’re strapped for cash and about to embark on house relocation, then you don’t have to get a loan to hire a professional moving company. You can actually take the DIY route, but remember this is not without its drawbacks, such as added stress, renting your own removal van and making the time to pack all your belongings and take care of moving furniture. It is a rather daunting process, but if you don’t have any other option then this guideline could prove helpful in allowing your to carry out a successful home removal without the help of professional house movers.

moving houseSo you’re reached the decision to go it alone. What you’ll need to do first and foremost is write a moving checklist, which should include all the tasks ahead for a successful moving house process. Work out what you need to take with you and therefore you can calculate the moving van size you’ll require. Next check there is access and parking space for your van both at your current and new location. You don’t want to have to park two streets away and lug all your heavy furniture and boxes to your new home!

Next up is the tiring and energy-consuming task of packing, which we all dread! However it doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. First of all get your hands on some durable boxes and other packing materials like tape and bubble wrap. You can take two different routes when it comes to obtaining boxes. You can buy them from a removals company or you can go hunting at your local supermarket for second hand boxes. Remember that boxes have to be carried, so don’t pack them so they are too heavy to lift! Colour-code every box so you know what’s where when you embark on unpacking at your new home! It’s important when packing fragile items to first wrap them in bubble or newspaper. Packing shouldn't take more than a couple of days, but remember to take the time to do a good job. You don’t to unpack your moving van only to find your fragile items have been broken during transit!

If you’re loading your own removal van, remember to place the heavier boxes on the bottom and use old blankets to protect furniture from damage. It’s also a good idea to have wrapped furniture in plastic sheeting for extra protection. A good tip when loading a van is to use drawers for storage space.

If you have a valid driver’s license you can drive the moving van yourself to your new home. But remember to drive slowly as you’ll have less control in a heavy van than you would in a car. While driving a modern van might prove to be easy, you should take extra caution when reversing and parking. Now if you don’t have a driver’s license or simply don’t want to get behind the wheel on moving day, another great and cheap alternative is to hire a man with a van. This service comes with exactly that… a moving van and a man who will transport your belongings to your new address. While you don’t get the added service of packing, furniture removals or insurance coverage with a man and van hire that you get when hiring a removals company, it is the cheaper alternative.

Finally you’ll need to tackle the task of unpacking. When unloading the moving van take all furniture and boxes to their rightful rooms – this should be easy if you’ve remembered to label your boxes! Once that’s done, start unpacking one room at a time, which will save you time and mess!

29 October 2014

Are you using the easy way to move guide?

You are probably thinking how is it possible to move easily? Well, there are things that you can do that will help to make your removal easier and everyone should know about this.

So, before you rush through the whole process, take a break, grab a cuppa and follow some of these top tips because it could change an incredibly hectic and crazy day into something much simpler.

For many people moving is never possible if it’s done in just one day, it usually takes a number of days  to get through it and when you take into consideration the planning it may even take months. But if people did their preparations accurately in the first place, once the removal van pulls up outside the property, everything would be ready to go and all could be done and dusted within one day.

Regular movers will know exactly what I am talking about; chances are they have already nailed the process by now. It’s true, it does take a certain amount of practice to get it right and each time you attempt a removal you will get better at it.

london moversExperienced London movers know only too well the importance of planning and how it plays a major part of the whole house removal process, without it you are destined for failure. Stress and moving pretty much go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other but if appropriate planning is considered you can reduce the amount of stress you are subjected to, this is why it is so important!

Unless you are an experienced mover it seems virtually impossible to move stress-free so what do we do if we do not have the knowledge? Well you could always have a go anyway, you will learn from any mistakes soon enough however if you do not have time to go through the learning phase then it’s probably better to hire a professional removal company instead.

In fact as soon as you have made the decision to move and you are aware of the area you are going to relocate to its probably very worthwhile to get in contact with local removal firms as soon as possible because they can advise you on many different aspects, as well as assist with the actual move on moving day.
Why local?

Many reasons really, local firms are plentiful, competition is strife and you may get a better price for their service. Local removals UK generally have a lot more to offer to, they tend offer a wide range of services, all at competitive prices, and all which are extremely helpful towards helping clients move in the easiest way possible.

When it comes to the actual removal day you ought to be packed and prepared ready to go. Everything should be boxed up ready as it saves a hell of a lot of time. Now packing is very time consuming I’m sure you would agree? And when faced with having to pack up the contents of an entire house it seems like a never ending mission, but these days many clients simply enlist the help of the packing firm instead, they are usually supplied by the removals service or you can hire from elsewhere but generally it works out more cost effective to use the packing service direct from the removals company. One of the great advantages of using a packing service is the amount of time you save by doing so, they pack much quicker but also very effectively, nothing is rushed, just careful prĂ©cised packing in the finest quality packaging, ensuring the safety of a clients belongings at all times.

19 September 2014

Logistical aspects of an office removal - 5 reminders!

1. Commercial removals need a great deal of thinking through. You need to plan well in order for everything to go well, and if you are not good at planning, then things can become a serious problem very quickly. You will find that you have to be really on top of things in order for overheating to be covered, and this will often mean delegating your responsibility to others in the office, to ensure that there is no chance that anything will go wrong. If you are worried that you may be missing something, run through the whole business relocation in your mind, ensuring that you have covered each and every part of the process that will lead you to the office being started up and running fine again.

office removal2. Man with van services and other local services can be of great use. Having the number of a decent
electrician, carpenter, plumber etcetera will mean that you always have someone to call on if you have an emergency during the removal. If you need to get something moved earlier, then the man and van will be useful. Of a large desk was built in the room and is difficult to take apart, then the carpenter will be your next call. It is simple, just ensure that you have good, honest workers on speed dial!

3. A good office removal company is essential, and you will find that having one on your side makes everything a lot easier over all. If you are a ;rage company, then this is even more important. You can sometimes treat a smaller office removal like a domestic removal, as you will just have a few desks and computers. However, a larger office will need a great deal of planning and work, which will only rightly be done by a professional team who are experienced in such removals. Think about the volume of furniture and technology that you will be up against, and you start to have an idea as to why experience is necessary in these times!

4. Secure storage can often be very helpful during an office removal. If you need to stagger the move because of leases being up, or move in dates being changed, then storage space will be all that you need to prevent things from getting too difficult. You will find that storage space is very readily available, but don;t fall victim to the idea that self storage that is used for domestic purposes is the only answer. Short term warehouse storage and crate storage solutions will often be a much better option for an office removal, so keep them in mind, and have a look around in advance, to ensure that you have time to get the right price for the right space.

5. Packing supplies will be of great importance when you are getting things ready for the removal. You need to make sure that things that are delicate but expensive like computers, photocopiers, fax machines and the like are all well protected. This means packing carefully and with the right materials, like bubble wrap, sturdy moving boxes, lots of tape, and markers for labeling things. If you are good at labeling things, then the unpacking process will be a lot easier, and you will have less of a difficult time with the restarting of the office in the new building. If you can get that to be less of a hassle then you will be in good stead for an easier time with the move.

12 August 2014

How to Find the Right Removal Firm

If you purchase an item or service, you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth. You expect the best quality, support and results, so that you feel good about putting money to it. This is especially the case with services because you don’t want people attending to an important chore only for them to fail, often leaving things worse. Such things are very expensive, so to be let down after throwing so much money at it can be hugely disappointing.

When it comes to a removal, you will likely need a lot of help to get all things done, such as packing, heavy lifting, transportation, storage and more. To get the help you require, you will want access to a top quality removal firm Kensington, but this can be tough. There may be several competing companies in your local area so finding and hiring the right one can be a chore in its own right. If you ensure of what to look for or how to find the best companies, then read on for all the info you need.

professional removal companyThe best way to start search or a removal company is to look online. A few clicks and types into search engine later and you will be left with list of many firms. Make a note of each one, favourite their home page, etc for future reference. Another way to discover local firms is in classifieds, local listings and yellow pages. You should be able to get a description and contact info for these, so add them to your list. Don’t forget to ask friends, family, etc who may have moved recently as they can recommend a certain firm or advise against one.

With a list of companies at your disposal, you should begin researching them. The internet will be the best place for this, as it will likely have everything you need. Read all the information you can about each firm to get an idea of what they are like and what they offer. Look for rating, reviews and comments to see what other people’s experiences are, so you can avoid any dubious businesses.

Getting in touch with each firm is the next step. Getting a firsthand view of what they offer and are like is important. Call them up, talk to them about the removal process, and see what they say. If they offer advice and tips on moving for free, then this is a good sign, as it shows they are more interested in helping you than selling things. Get a feel for what each one is like and see what services the offer. You should only go with a firm that can do exactly what you need, because hiring a lesser firm could see chores only partially completed, not done at all or things performed unsafely.

If you have a few firms in mind that you wish to hire, you should then request free quote from them. A gratis assessment will allow you to get an idea of if they can do what you want and if they charge for it. If it costs nothing, it means you don’t feel pressured into committing to the deal and can compare other prices. These offers should come with no obligation, so you can back out before you pay money and so you can try a different deal if one isn’t working for you.

If you bear all this in mind and follow these steps then you should not only have a removal company who can tackle your relocation, but the support of skilled, knowledgeable and hardworking people.

17 July 2014

Five Important Tips for Handling the Packing in Your Bedroom

In every home, there are many different rooms, each with their own purposes and properties. The kitchen is vital for all your food and drinks as well as for washing ourselves and other objects, and the bathroom is necessary to make ourselves healthy and clean, as well as make ourselves look good. The living room is the hub of your abode where we meet with friends and family and relax. Garages, sheds, attics, etc, all hold various goods so that they are safe when we need them.

packingThe other important room in a house is the bedroom. It is here where we sleep, relax, get ready for the day, keep our treasured goods and more. Its impact plays out all the time in our lives and it is something cannot do without. When undertaking a removal, packing up the goods tough and no room can be as challenging as the bedroom. If you are about to undergo a removal and want to know the best way to about packing up your bedroom, then continue reading for five useful tips.

The first tip to consider is planning the process. Having an idea of everything you need to do, knowing what you need, being conscious of how long things will ate and so on will help you handle the process. Creating a schedule is the best way to go about this because assigning items to your bedroom packing will prevent you from forgetting or ignoring it, as well as makings rue you have enough time to complete the job thoroughly.

One of the main reasons why packing up your bedroom is tough is that is a place you will usual relax and enjoy yourself in. As you go through your goods you may find old items such as books, CDs, photos, etc that will distract you from the task. You may have a computer of television in your room and having this on can distract you. Your bed being here can mean one second you sit down to sort some items and the next you are dozing off. To combat these things put yourself constructs schedule and turn off all electronic distractions.

Items such as photographs, ornaments, jewellery, collectables, etc can be found in your bedroom and these are precious to you. You will also have expensive electronic items here and so you should have the best wrapping. It is vital that you have an abundance of bubble wrap. Apply this to your entire thing gently and use tape to keep it together. Wrapping everything up in this will protect it from being bashed about and ripped, keep it dry and clean and more.

The fourth tip is to have many suitable boxes for your goods. Like packaging, you will need these to keep your items safe. You can use cardboard and plastic containers and place things inside carefully to they won’t move about and nothing is crushed use lining for extra protection and consider speciality boxes items such as jewellery, computers, clothes, etc.

The last tip covers moving large items. Your bedroom can be home to cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, and your bed. Before removing any of these see if it is possible to take them apart and rebuild them at your new home, as this gives the easiest and safest result. Remove any detachable parts and contents before you move anything and ensure you have enough people and a proper place to grip. Move carefully and take your time.

These tips can guarantee a successful packing in your bedroom for a move, so follow each one closely.

30 June 2014

Few tips what to use during your packing to avoid unnecessary stress

home moving
Every time when you move house you have to face the nightmare of packing. The endless dilemma of what should be packed in the boxes, what to put in bags, should you use a small box or maybe a big one?  Here are a few tips what to use during your packing to avoid unnecessary stress.

Cardboard boxes
Although there are companies which offer plastic boxes designed for moving there is no doubt that cardboard boxes are the most popular material without which most of us think packing would be virtually impossible. If they are also your first choice there is a few pointers to help make packing a little easier. First of all you should think are you going to use new boxes or would you rather use second hand ones?  There is no doubt that new boxes will be stronger and safer but since you will need quite a lot of them, they might generate an unexpected cost. Maybe it's worth to get a few of them for your most valuable possessions and have a look around for a second hand ones for less important stuff.  It's not just the quality of the box which is essential during your moving. Even the most expensive ones can break if you will pack them incorrectly.  The best way is to divide your items in two groups.  Heavy items such as books should be packed in the small boxes while large boxes should be used to pack the larger lighter items such as bedding etc. This makes the weight of the boxes more equal and easier to carry.

The productive use of bags
Plastic bags are another material essential while you moving. This rather cheap or sometimes even free product that can help you clear wardrobes and drawers in no time. Who these days doesn't have a cupboard full of unused shopping bags. They are durable and they come with handles for transportation. Empty each drawer one at a time and label as you go. Do the same with the wardrobes just bear in mind that the clothes packed this way will be creased and sometimes can get damaged so if you have any expensive clothes, dresses or suits consider a different way to pack them.  Vacuum bags can be handy too. They can considerably reduce the size of the load that is being transported.

Special boxes to carry hanging goods
Everyone has some clothes which are particularly valuable. For some it is a wedding suit, for others expensive dress or just a stylish T-shirt which reminds us of the happy times. Those kind of clothes require special attention, not just while you packing but during your whole move. They should be packed into special cardboard boxes adapted for carrying hanging goods. Unfortunately these kinds of materials are rather expensive but at least you will be sure that your precious clothes are well protected.

Original cardboard boxes
If you still have original packaging from your electronic equipment such as computer, TV or laptop remember to use them during your move. The fact that they are perfectly matched with your device is an incredible advantage but not the only one. In addition, original boxes have special designed space between the wall of the box and the device which works as a cushion while on the move. 
If you don't have the boxes lying around anymore, there is no need to panic. Just remember to use really strong, preferably new box and a lot of bubble wrap to secure your device. Take your time and make sure that your TV fits tightly in the box and if you have some empty space to fill them with paper or polystyrene balls.