29 October 2013

Saving big bucks on removals in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. As an urban metropolis, sprawled across a huge area, it can be incredibly difficult to find the best, and the cheapest, way to move house. Due to the compact nature of the city, everything is very close together and yet at the same time, very far apart. However, despite the expense of the city and the cramped and sprawling lay out, there are still some opportunities and methods for saving big bucks when moving within the city.

A first consideration could be renting your own van. Transporting your entire worldly possessions across the city, even if it is only a few miles, can be incredibly expensive if you hire a removal company London. Traffic alone can hinder progress on any given day. The cheapest option for transporting a large amount of items is to hire your on van. There are a large number of rental businesses in the UK, with many depots in all areas of the city. Use the internet or the telephone directory to find the one nearest you, either your current or future home. You will need a full UK driving licence, and there will be certain parameters set by the rental company, usually concerning age. Once in possession of your temporary van, pack in your things and head for the road. Without having to rely on removals firms or a man with a van, you have a greater amount of flexibility to move when and how you please, and are less at the whim of a busy firm or tradesman. Cutting out the middle man in the removals van world can save a good amount of money.

Pay consideration to where you will source your packaging materials. With such a large city, people are constantly moving. As such, someone you know, or even a friend of a friend may have items essential for moving which they can pass along to you. Second hand boxes will likely work just as well as the expensive new models you might have had to purchase. Also check online and print classified ads if you are unable to source anything from your social circle. This can be an excellent money saver, but be sure to pass on the favour when you are finished.

Consider this an excellent opportunity to remove unnecessary items from your life. It may be that your new home or new life has no place for the full sized pool table you thought would be a good idea. Sell these items. This will not only pocket you a small sum, but can be reinvested in the move itself, allowing you to quickly cover any sunken costs.

When moving from the old property, make sure to cancel any standing order or subscriptions. There’s no need for you to have your milk every day on the doorstep, and it will just be a waste of money. Similarly, contact your utility providers. Some companies offer property moving services, allowing you to switch your account to the new property with a greater reduction in hassle and could save you on installation and set-up fees which companies charge to new customers.

If you do chose to use a removal firm, London offers so many potential firms that you will be able to compare and contrast a large amount of quotes from a large number of legitimately potential firms; you are not limited, as you might be in a smaller town, to the local firms only. The sheer number of local firms allows you to find the perfect firm for you. Typically, this is also the cheapest firm and will help you save big bucks.