19 September 2014

Logistical aspects of an office removal - 5 reminders!

1. Commercial removals need a great deal of thinking through. You need to plan well in order for everything to go well, and if you are not good at planning, then things can become a serious problem very quickly. You will find that you have to be really on top of things in order for overheating to be covered, and this will often mean delegating your responsibility to others in the office, to ensure that there is no chance that anything will go wrong. If you are worried that you may be missing something, run through the whole business relocation in your mind, ensuring that you have covered each and every part of the process that will lead you to the office being started up and running fine again.

office removal2. Man with van services and other local services can be of great use. Having the number of a decent
electrician, carpenter, plumber etcetera will mean that you always have someone to call on if you have an emergency during the removal. If you need to get something moved earlier, then the man and van will be useful. Of a large desk was built in the room and is difficult to take apart, then the carpenter will be your next call. It is simple, just ensure that you have good, honest workers on speed dial!

3. A good office removal company is essential, and you will find that having one on your side makes everything a lot easier over all. If you are a ;rage company, then this is even more important. You can sometimes treat a smaller office removal like a domestic removal, as you will just have a few desks and computers. However, a larger office will need a great deal of planning and work, which will only rightly be done by a professional team who are experienced in such removals. Think about the volume of furniture and technology that you will be up against, and you start to have an idea as to why experience is necessary in these times!

4. Secure storage can often be very helpful during an office removal. If you need to stagger the move because of leases being up, or move in dates being changed, then storage space will be all that you need to prevent things from getting too difficult. You will find that storage space is very readily available, but don;t fall victim to the idea that self storage that is used for domestic purposes is the only answer. Short term warehouse storage and crate storage solutions will often be a much better option for an office removal, so keep them in mind, and have a look around in advance, to ensure that you have time to get the right price for the right space.

5. Packing supplies will be of great importance when you are getting things ready for the removal. You need to make sure that things that are delicate but expensive like computers, photocopiers, fax machines and the like are all well protected. This means packing carefully and with the right materials, like bubble wrap, sturdy moving boxes, lots of tape, and markers for labeling things. If you are good at labeling things, then the unpacking process will be a lot easier, and you will have less of a difficult time with the restarting of the office in the new building. If you can get that to be less of a hassle then you will be in good stead for an easier time with the move.