30 June 2014

Few tips what to use during your packing to avoid unnecessary stress

home moving
Every time when you move house you have to face the nightmare of packing. The endless dilemma of what should be packed in the boxes, what to put in bags, should you use a small box or maybe a big one?  Here are a few tips what to use during your packing to avoid unnecessary stress.

Cardboard boxes
Although there are companies which offer plastic boxes designed for moving there is no doubt that cardboard boxes are the most popular material without which most of us think packing would be virtually impossible. If they are also your first choice there is a few pointers to help make packing a little easier. First of all you should think are you going to use new boxes or would you rather use second hand ones?  There is no doubt that new boxes will be stronger and safer but since you will need quite a lot of them, they might generate an unexpected cost. Maybe it's worth to get a few of them for your most valuable possessions and have a look around for a second hand ones for less important stuff.  It's not just the quality of the box which is essential during your moving. Even the most expensive ones can break if you will pack them incorrectly.  The best way is to divide your items in two groups.  Heavy items such as books should be packed in the small boxes while large boxes should be used to pack the larger lighter items such as bedding etc. This makes the weight of the boxes more equal and easier to carry.

The productive use of bags
Plastic bags are another material essential while you moving. This rather cheap or sometimes even free product that can help you clear wardrobes and drawers in no time. Who these days doesn't have a cupboard full of unused shopping bags. They are durable and they come with handles for transportation. Empty each drawer one at a time and label as you go. Do the same with the wardrobes just bear in mind that the clothes packed this way will be creased and sometimes can get damaged so if you have any expensive clothes, dresses or suits consider a different way to pack them.  Vacuum bags can be handy too. They can considerably reduce the size of the load that is being transported.

Special boxes to carry hanging goods
Everyone has some clothes which are particularly valuable. For some it is a wedding suit, for others expensive dress or just a stylish T-shirt which reminds us of the happy times. Those kind of clothes require special attention, not just while you packing but during your whole move. They should be packed into special cardboard boxes adapted for carrying hanging goods. Unfortunately these kinds of materials are rather expensive but at least you will be sure that your precious clothes are well protected.

Original cardboard boxes
If you still have original packaging from your electronic equipment such as computer, TV or laptop remember to use them during your move. The fact that they are perfectly matched with your device is an incredible advantage but not the only one. In addition, original boxes have special designed space between the wall of the box and the device which works as a cushion while on the move. 
If you don't have the boxes lying around anymore, there is no need to panic. Just remember to use really strong, preferably new box and a lot of bubble wrap to secure your device. Take your time and make sure that your TV fits tightly in the box and if you have some empty space to fill them with paper or polystyrene balls.