21 June 2013

4 things to do before moving abroad

Planning a move abroad will be a lot more time consuming that a normal relocation, as you will have a number of additional things to think about, including passports, shipping, and so on. Below are a few things to make sure you have done prior to leaving for your new home.

Check all your document are in order well in advance

Making sure your passport is valid and up to date is a must of course, but there is other documentation you may need to check before heading overseas. One thing to make sure you have looked over are any relevant shipping or port authority forms for all your household items. You will probably be shipping most of your things via  container service, and sometimes these have additional requirements that you may need to look over yourself, so make sure to check with your shipping company and any relevant port authorities, especially in the country you are moving to.

Making sure your drivers licence is up to date is also important - if you’re moving within the EU then a valid licence will enable you to drive legally, but will be required for other countries further a field too, even though you may have to apply for a licence specific to the country you are moving to. 

Make sure you pack essentials you can take with you

Depending on which country you are moving to, there may be quite a delay between your arrival and the arrival of your container with all your everyday goods an furniture. To avoid having to spend additional money once you've reached your new home, make sure you have a few suitcases or boxes of everyday things that you can make do with until the rest of your stuff arrives. A few changes of clothes, some basic cutlery and kitchen ware, and sheets and blankets are a good starting point. Anything that you might take with you on holiday or for an extended stay are generally things that you should bring with you. This will avoid you being stuck in your new home with no basic amenities should you have to wait for your items.

Know the relevant tax and employment laws of your destination

Most countries have different laws regarding tax and employment to that of the United Kingdom. You may also need to register as a citizen in some places, so it can be good to know what is legally required of you before relocating. Most countries will require you to register as an immigrant, and you may need to sign and fill out further forms to have the right to work and claim any welfare that a country might have in place. Also look into potential schools if moving with children, and what medical care a country offers. 

Learn some basic language skills

If you are planning to move to Australia or the US, this will not be very relevant, and while a large amount of countries do have a widespread amount of English speaker, or at least understand it to some degree, long term it will be much more beneficial to learn some basic phrases in the relevant language. While it may be difficult, you won’t need to be fluent for when you arrive, as you will pick up local languages in time, but having some basic phrases in your repertoire can greatly help  when it comes to filling out legal documents and getting what you need for everyday life when shopping and so on. 
A Guest Post from: http://www.londonremovals.net/west-london/ha1-ha2-removals-harrow-manandvan.html


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